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What is DaySupport?

DaySupport is a web based helpdesk software for small and medium sized businesses. Just like Freshdesk and Zendesk it is hosted on the cloud.

When we were running our own business we always felt that the existing helpdesk applications were not built for small and medium sized businesses but rather they were built for enterprises. No doubt they were really good; their affordable plans did not have the right features.

The most important features like advanced analytics, enforcing service level agreements and unrestricted APIs, data liberation were all available in the more expensive plans.

So with these existing applications in the market, small and medium businesses were able to manage their tickets but it was merely a data entry activity.

There were no meaningful benefits that the small businesses could enjoy which the businesses on the more expensive plans enjoyed.

Available options

Additionally there were a lot of open source options, however they come with a steep learning curve as someone had to set it up on a server.

Not to mention the whole lot of administrative tasks around backing up your data, maintaining your server and so on.

The alternate, not just another helpdesk application

We could not digest the fact that the existing players in the market had the most important features as part of their expensive plans.

Us being programmers ourselves we decided to build a helpdesk application for ourselves with all the features a small business will need.

Features like,

  1. email to ticket creation
  2. enforcing service level agreement
  3. detailed reports
  4. APIs

were most important for us.

We always keep cool names for a software even if it was launched for internal purpose. We named our new helpdesk application DaySupport.

The eureka moment

As DaySupport was ready and launched internally we got good feedback from our users.

So we pivoted our business plan and decided to launch DaySupport to the whole wide world.

The launch is based on a gut feeling that if we need it then there might be more people like us who will need it.