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Helpdesk Software As REST API

DaySupport is a helpdesk software offered as REST API

How to use DaySupport?

Integrate the APIs with your application to provide an in-app customer support with options to create and view tickets.

payload for the create ticket api

result as json sent by create ticket api on successful ticket creation

DaySupport has all the features of a helpdesk as REST APIs

Make it easy for customers to create support requests

Make it easy for your users to create support requests within the application instead of sending emails or logging into a standalone helpdesk software.

Manage customer requests from multiple applications

A single REST API that can be integrated with multiple applications to receive customer support requests.

Manage escalation & business rules

Escalation policies and business rules like any other regular helpdesk software in addition to REST APIs to update and manage the escalation policies and business rules.

Simple Contact Management

Keep all your customer and contact information in an easy to use online directory accessible via REST API.

Integration friendly

DaySupport is a helpdesk software available fully via REST APIs. This makes us integration friendly right out of the box.

Free open source frontend applications (coming soon)

We have plans of coming up with open source version of web application, android app and iOS app that can integrate with our Helpdesk APIs right out of the box while empowering you to customize them according to your business needs.

Why DaySupport?

DaySupport is your answer to today's customer support needs. With DaySupport APIs you can integrate with your application and easily provide an in-app option to create and manage tickets for your users.

DaySupport has all the features of a typical helpdesk application. The only difference is that these features are available to you via REST APIs.

DaySupport is very easy to integrate with any third party application. Go ahead, sign up and see for yourself !